Hello world. I’m Eliza Shabo or simply Lia and here is my story. Since my university years, I’ve been into all things fashion. Being one of those style geeks obsessed with every detail, I kept looking for perfection even when it came to loungewear and pajamas.

I’ve been trying to find a perfect lounge set for ages. And for the most of that time, the mission seemed impossible. Finding stylish pajamas of a good quality for reasonable money has never been an easy thing: cheap mass-market garments spoilt after the first laundry while expensive luxurious brands appeared to be too impractical. This disappointing finding made me realize something needed to change. And that’s how Lia Stories came to life — the idea of the comfy yet stylish loungewear that would empower every woman and help you feel beautiful even in the sanctuary of your lazy weekend at home.

My pajamas are made of natural cotton and viscose and perfectly compliment every girl in every humanly possible situation. Whether you’re getting your beauty sleep, cooking a healthy breakfast or even popping out for an occasional cappuccino to a nearby cafe — in this loungewear you look effortlessly beautiful. And if so, why put up with stretched t-shirts or old robes? Indulge yourself with something noteworthy!